Slack Press

Richmond Music Journal , July 2003

Crestwood Presbyterian Bluegrass Festival Review
(June 9th)

The "brothers of a different mother"; The Slack Family started the show right on time. And when they weren't talking about the humidity, they did some fine pickin' including numbers from their new CD pickin' up the slack. The audience loved the end of Joe Warff's Shout Out, when the band kicks the song into high gear. But why wait until the end? Nick Harlow's banjo, Andy Burns' Mandolin, Jim Skelding's fiddle and Brian Sulser's upright bass had no trouble keeping up the pace.

Sulser did a gospel number, or, as he put it, "Ladies and gentlemen, I Saw the Light, and it's about time." Then Skelding and Harlow got things back to full steam and sent the Orange Blossom Special charging down the track.

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